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World’s And India future in 2030.

india in 2030. By the Year  india Will be the most developed country among  all conuntry in the world. The electronic  and internet market will be on top floor. Internet change 4G to 10G. The information technology is in finger we can buy anything and get anything in couple of minutes. But the main problem will be the Air polution.

                To seing today’s situation, the comapies will  developed so high in 2030. that there is no space for any other things. The trees and forest will be dry.  and its produce so much air polution that we couldn’t go outside without wearing oxygen  mask.

                In today situation(2016)- Air pollution is claiming one life, every 23 second in India. But in the year of 2030 a 1 billion people will die, due to Air Pollution

                In this video we have shown you all the thing will be happen in 2030. News Report By GAIL (india) Limited.  But if we can help environment from preventing damage we can change it.

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